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Wellness Program for Treatment of High Blood Pressure

Hypertension (high blood pressure) may have many causes and contributing factors, and numerous medical conditions can lead to rising blood pressure. Often, when no apparent reason is obvious for the cause of hypertension, certain training strategies may help in some cases to lower blood pressure. This can be helped through a good cardiac supportive diet, exercise, and lowering stress. In addition, training heart rate variability biofeedback, temperature biofeedback, and muscle relaxation biofeedback along with a lifestyle full of recovery and physical wellness strategies (i.e., diaphragmatic breathing, deep relaxation, releasing withheld muscle tension, to name a few) can optimize the body to relax and release withheld pressure in the body. Equally important is interoception, which is internal awareness of bad habits of bodily care at any given moment. Even when there is no change in hypertension, these strategies can bring awareness and efforts to establish a steady state of excellent mind and body support and wellness.