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Social Anxiety, Self-Esteem Building, and Enhancing Social Skills and Confidence

Dr. Ben Allen’s programs support social skills and confidence building. The “Bottom-Up” approaches may include stress management, biofeedback and self-awareness, self-regulation, and Kung Fu / Mind-Body skills training, among numerous other ways to bring down anxiety. Through numerous means and strategies, a client may discover their own abilities for cultivating confidence and poise on a physical level. Grounding, relaxed diaphragmatic breathing, core awareness and strengthening, muscle relaxation, among other earthbound techniques may lower anxiety and enhance “The 8th Sense,” interoception. Through this self-awareness of internal physiology, an individual can influence their own mind-body connection in a positive way.

Top-Down approaches include cognitive-behavioral therapy, and healing thought process. Dr. Allen helps a shy or socially anxious client to find their true and authentic strengths, desires, and strategies to be at their best. Through awareness, education, and skills building, social anxiety may be lowered and replaced by confidence and strength. Dr. Allen helps clients learn the most effective ways to socialize, use social intelligence to converse and enhance rapport with others and be assertive. Stress inoculation strategies help individuals prepare for speaking and performances, and feel poised and ready to perform.