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Rules of the Kung Fu Room

  1. Respect the Kung Fu Room, enter, and wait for Dr. Ben Allen to instruct before beginning any activities.
  2. Children and teenagers wishing to enter and use the Kung Fu Room must have parental permission.
  3. Do not touch anything in the room without the permission of Dr. Ben Allen.
  4. Before doing anything, make sure all other persons are out of distance and off the Kung Fu Room floor.
  5. Be sure to be aware of the space around you, warm up your body and stretch, and prepare your mind.
  6. Be careful w/ pointed weapons (i.e., plastic swords), & never use any weapon aggressively or harmfully.
  7. Martial arts skills may feel strenuous and should be slowly and carefully learned to perform correctly.
  8. Make sure you are in good health, and report any medical conditions & restrictions on the activity before training.
  9. Be aware of your limitations, stop the activity if you feel out of breath, or notify Allen if you experience any discomfort or pain.
  10. In using the small round trampoline, stay in the center of the trampoline, and use the correct exercise form.

Key things to remember about practicing Kung Fu

  • When hitting pads, keep wrists straight (do not bend the wrists), and never hyperextend arms or legs
  • Keep a good fist (fold fingers once, twice, thumbs over first two knuckles)
  • Hit mainly with the first two knuckles
  • Keep a strong base – sink into a solid and strong stance and have a keen awareness of lower body
  • When executing kicks, have a firm stance, and first practice slowly to learn proper form.  Be strong in the non-kicking leg so as to feel rooted with a strong stance
  • Relax and breathe out when executing a strike or kick, and always keep your guard up to protect
  • Breathe freely, relax the mind and body, and practice the biofeedback and self-awareness skills