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Psychodynamic Therapy (Exploration and Reframing, Therapies for Self-Development)

When can structured long-term therapy be helpful?

Stressful life issues and challenges along the lifespan add up. Sometimes painful traumas great and small can remain unresolved and stored in the deep subconscious mind. Such assaults may play out in terms of life patterns and behaviors that are less-than-helpful, and that may seem to be unconscious and automatic, such as the occasional intrusive thoughts that set off threatening levels of anxiety. Sometimes a longer-term therapy approach, set by Dr. Allen and a client in terms of time and objectives, may be beneficial for acquiring deep and meaningful self-knowledge and understanding, and provide an opportunity to try to resolve and heal that deeper aspect of self and soul.


Dr. Allen offers a variety of approaches to help a client journey through the deep inner work of psychodynamic psychotherapy. His approaches include strategies learned from studying Carl Jung and soul-depth psychology, Existential (Viktor Frankl), Alfred Adler (Early recollections, Lifestyle Analysis and other Adlerian direct therapeutic self-awareness approaches), Erik Erikson (lifespan milestones and resolving lifespan issues), Ego States Therapy (working through different personality states of consciousness and seeking to resolve inner conflict), Clinical Hypnosis and working with the subconscious aspect of therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (see above therapies), Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectical-Behavioral therapies (enhancing tolerance of anxiety, more flexible thinking, emotional self-regulation, and symptom reduction), long-term therapy strategies for seeking to resolve post-traumatic stress disorder, somatization therapy (helping mind-body physical symptom issues), and strategies for shyness and social anxiety. In addition, Dr. Allen can provide an in-depth soul-searching processes, using self-development inventories and a Q&A process that can unfold into a journey toward greater self-understanding and awareness.


In addition, Dr. Allen offers supplemental self-development and health strategies, including wellness coaching, career and professional development, cognitive and executive functioning skills coaching, strategies for better body ergonomics and wellness at work, optimal functioning and biofeedback / self-regulation training, sports and performance psychology, sleep wellness, neurolinguistic programing (mastering guided imagery skills), Native American nature and wilderness-based approaches, basic Kundalini yoga and stretching, Chinese Kung Fu & Chi Gung, general fitness approaches for mental and physical wellness, music therapy for energy healing, meditation and mindfulness approaches, diet and bad habit cessation strategies, among other modalities to support your treatment goals and objectives.


Dr. Allen’s session may include biofeedback training (see biofeedback information link), tracking symptoms with charts, weekly assignments targeting goals and for experiencing skills-building, reflection at the onset of every session on your unfolding self-awareness, experience of the work in between sessions, and fostering progress along the way.