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Physical Rehab Wellness Program

Life After Rehab: Coaching for Transitional Success (Programs for client and family)

The challenge of transitioning from rehabilitation care back to home life can be quite stressful for a recovering and/ or disabled individual. Returning to a different world, one of limitations not previously experienced can present new concerns, such as:
  • How can I support myself, and what kind of work and activities will I be able to do?
  • How can I find meaning again, and feel purposeful and motivated about my life?
  • How will I handle the physical and emotional stress of all these new challenges?
  • How can I learn new ways of adapting to my challenges, and regain confidence?
  • Will I feel healthy and worthwhile again? Who can I talk to about my feelings and worries?
  • Who can help my family and I to cope with the new challenges?

Post-Rehabilitation Psychological / Coaching Services

Psychological and Vocational Assessment
  • Cognitive testing (initial or ongoing to measure mental/intellectual challenges and strengths) – enhance skills
  • Psychological testing (target emotional concerns, stress profile, and coping strengths) – develop a health plan
  • Vocational testing (explore potential hobbies, interests, skills and careers) – support career plan

Stress and Pain Management Training / Counseling and Psychotherapy

  • Biofeedback and behavioral approaches to help client learn to reduce pain and stress
  • Deep relaxation and skills for enhancing resilience to daily stress
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy to enhance mental wellness and coping skills
  • Existential counseling (finding meaning and purpose during post-rehab)
  • Individual and family therapy (includes stress management for caretakers)
  • Music therapy (to enhance wellness, rhythm and harmony, and social interaction)
Cognitive Remediation
  • Mental / memory fitness strategies for mental rehabilitation or compensatory skills
  • Strategies for enhancing social and adaptive skills, motivation, and self-esteem
  • Performance skills enhancement (to identify and optimize potential skills)
Career and Wellness Counseling
  • Career exploration, professional development, retraining of work behavior, job search, and interview support
  • Health psychology and wellness coaching to enhance health and vitality