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Pain Management

Dr. Ben Allen is a clinical / health psychologist with extensive training in psychotherapy, biofeedback, pain management, and practical skills for helping clients with pain conditions in the following way:
  • Identify core physical and mental factors and behavioral triggers contributing to pain
  • Develop a treatment plan with targeted goals and practice skills to reduce pain
    Provide psychotherapy to help work through life challenges and enhance mental well-being
  • Biofeedback and self-regulation: Learn to identify and attune to mental and physical behaviors that may contribute to the onset or worsening of pain symptoms, and correct and guide relaxing and restorative responses to reduce pain
  • Evaluate muscle tension, and behavioral and ergonomic factors that may contribute to chronic pain
  • Learn how to relax muscles, enhance healthy posture, and optimize wellness at work and in life activities to support pain management
  • Learn practical strategies to reduce pain and stress, and feel more balance and peace of mind.
Benefits of using biofeedback: In today’s fast-paced world, stress disorders and pain conditions are prevalent. Self- awareness through biofeedback can empower a greater sense of control and ability to reduce tension and anxiety, and pain. It helps to become more self-aware of triggers of symptoms, and less optimal postures and ergonomics, behavioral habits, breathing, heart rate, muscle tension, palm sweat, cold hands, among various other ways stress, tension and pain manifests itself in the body. As a coaching tool, self-awareness of internal biofeedback can reveal how to restore inner calmness, along with the practical stress management tools and skills learned. Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy can reveal issues and thought processes activating stress and challenging coping abilities, and enhance thought process and wellness skills.
Other key benefits:
  • Stress management and biofeedback skills can be quickly experienced and learned
  • Self-awareness and self-regulation really help lower anxiety and may reduce pain
  • This is a cost-effective way to acquire tension-anxiety-pain reducing skills for life!
Wellness Programs address many pain conditions:
  • Anxiety Conditions: adrenal fatigue, acute and chronic stress affecting mind and body symptoms that may support and/or exacerbate existing pain conditions
  • Muscle and Body Tension: Headaches (tension and migraine), TMJ, Back Pain, Neck Pain, irritable bowel, among many other pain-related conditions
  • Pain Management Training to help with a variety of pain disorders
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Wellness Skills Support: Essential Hypertension, Raynaud’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Disorder
  • Cognitive Disorders of Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation, Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Wellness Coaching Programs: Including Smoking or Habit Cessation and Diet Support Programs
  • Career Issues and Life Transitions