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Mental Health and Wellness

Dr. Allen provided cognitive, psychological and neuropsychological testing and clinical reports throughout his doctoral training and during his early years of private practice. He no longer provides extensive clinical testing batteries and reports, though he has skilled colleagues he refers for these services. Dr. Allen is trained in reading clinical psychological and neuropsychological reports, and utilizing the knowledge and recommendations to further support a client’s treatment goals and objectives.
Dr. Allen offers clinical cognitive, psychological and neuropsychological screening evaluations for objective responses. He is trained to screen for more extensive clinical issues, and if necessary, provide referrals for medical and mental health services beyond his scope or ability to provide such needed services.
Dr. Allen utilizes brief psychological inventories to screen for depression, anxiety, anger and rage, executive and cognitive functioning symptoms, stressors and triggers of symptoms, among a variety of other evaluation processes to identify questions and begin to target where to intervene and provide client support.