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Helping Students Stay in College When Facing Mental, Behavioral, or Executive Functioning Challenges

Dr. Ben Allen specializes in helping students who for some reason have to leave college to return successfully. In his years of experience, some common reasons may include mental health issues, executive functioning challenges in managing academics, challenges with the use of drugs and / or alcohol, and a lack of preparedness of the importance and difficulties of maintaining a successful academic life.

Dr. Allen offers the following steps and services that may help heal and transform a persons capabilities to regroup, prepare, return and succeed through college.

  1. Evaluation: exploring the causes and experiences that led to returning home.
  2. Treatment plan: mental health wellness program, executive functioning and academic plan, career and college major exploration, among other goals and objectives
  3. Dr. Allen may be available to communicate, write letters, and support the school structure for a successful return
  4. Family counseling
  5. Life coaching for success