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Ergonomics and Wellness at Work

  • Certified Workspace Ergonomics Training: Dr. Allen is trained and certified to provide a standardized assessment of a client’s work station, functional behaviors at work, and ergonomic challenges between the client and the work station setup. Ergonomic training helps promote optimal functioning and a healthy mind through a workday, improve healthy functioning in the workspace, and alleviate any dyspnoesis – bad habits of tensing and improper use of body posture & mechanics. Dr. Allen also provides EMG muscle biofeedback to demonstrate any unnecessary muscle tension and unhealthy posture while at a workspace. Dr. Allen has an ergonomic work station and various tools to help a client learn work wellness principles.
  • Are you inactive, frequently sitting at a desk all day and not moving your body?
  • Experiencing aches and pains, headaches, jaw and muscle tension, or weight gain as a result?
  • Are you feeling burned out or overly stressed at work? Is it affecting health & relationships?
  • How’s your posture and breathing? Do you feel less vitality and a rapidly aging body?
  • Do you feel discouraged and want to achieve new heights in wellness at work?

But – how can you rise above your current limitations and empower yourself to restore health and vitality?

Effective Solutions for Reduced Stress and Wellness at Work (Employers and Employees)

Today, organizations, managers, and their employees are under tremendous pressures from staff cuts, downsizing, and increased expectations of bottom line financial results. Today there is less time and fewer resources to accomplish work objectives. Everyone from top management to employees is experiencing work-related stress. Pressures and deadlines, as well as feeling lack of control at work can affect mental and physical health.


For many, the modern work environment requires more sitting and less physical activity, though more mental demands than ever before. Professionals are busier than ever, regardless of modern technology. The demands of airline flights with late evenings, time zone changes, long hours on the computer, all contribute to stress. Stress-related illnesses are on the rise, and account for a large portion of patients seen by physicians. The outcome is often a tired, overworked, and aching body, and an irritable and uptight mental state. Often, we adopt maladaptive habits regarding the way we treat our bodies at work, and unrealistic expectations of what our bodies are capable of enduring. However, most working individuals spend at least one-third of their lives at work. Your body is a machine, and requires optimal care for peace of mind, work effectiveness, and longevity.

Stress management and ergonomics training that can help professionals in the following ways:

  • Create a new understanding of work wellness and stress management, and develop an immediate healing plan
  • Restructure your work station to optimally fit your health and wellness needs.  Learn about ergonomic and wellness at work products, and rules of ergonomics to alleviate poor body-mechanics affecting your health on a daily and moment-by-moment basis.
  • Learn practical and simple skills to reduce stress and enhance mental balance at work
  • Learn new ways to create and maintain bodily vigor and flexibility at work, and reduce those aches and pains
  • Learn stress-reduction strategies to teach others (i.e., children, spouses, customers, employees, friends)
  • Learn breathing / mental strategies that are healing and energizing – reduce the need for caffeine or stimulants
  • Enhance sleep, mental and memory fitness, and poise and effectiveness at work. Learn wellness for traveling
  • Enhance mood management skills, and achieve greater self-mastery over emotions and mental turbulence