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Diet Support and Weight Management

  • Are you are struggling in attempts to achieve your desired healthy weight?
  • Do you feel unable to control your appetite or establish a healthy eating lifestyle?
  • Has your metabolism diminished its zest and fire to burn calories? Tired of diets?
  • Do you feel discouraged and disempowered about the whole dieting issue?
  • Do you want to feel slimmer, more attractive, and to achieve new heights in wellness?
But how can you rise above your current limitations and empower your body-mind to succeed?

Effective Solutions for Losing Weight Healthfully and Maintenance

Influence Your Metabolism Battery

Maintaining healthy weight loss goals can be difficult. However, dieting is a science. The key to effective weight loss is in knowing how to work with your unique body-mind system. Your mental attitude plays a significant role in influencing the fire that burns calories. In addition to nutritional goals, successful dieting and maintenance can be significantly enhanced when you have:
  • Inner motivation to succeed, self-awareness, and a wholehearted desire to rise above self-imposed limitations
  • Something very gratifying to replace old, unhealthy eating habits and maladaptive beliefs that hold you back
  • An understanding of metabolism, diet science, body wisdom, and your unique body-mind and eating behaviors
  • The immediate and long-term power of the mind to handle initial setbacks and cravings, and to prevent relapse
  • A passion to create a new relationship with food and exercise, one that is healthy, enjoyable, and not depriving
  • An active and vigorous body, greater motivation to exercise, and simple exercise strategies that fit your needs
  • A greater purpose to shift you into the right frame of mind for obtaining the results you desire
  • Enhanced stress and mood management skills, and greater self-mastery over emotions, the body, and the mind

Dr. Ben Allen is a clinical health psychologist who provides self-mastery programs for lowering stress and succeeding at life goals. He offers a unique diet support and maintenance success program that targets key factors and teaches new and empowering skills to enhance long-term success in losing weight, staying healthy, and maintaining a mind for successful dieting. Additional objectives include enhancing body image and re-establishing a confident, loving relationship with your body. His programs offer diet support, and are not a substitute for medical and nutritional care.

Treatment Strategies offered: Education: diet-body-metabolism science, hypnosis & self-hypnosis, biofeedback-self-awareness – stress / mood management training, breathing and exercise science for losing weight, diet & body wisdom coaching, motivational and wellness support, and counseling if requested. Career testing and transitional counseling are also available. All programs are tailored to the unique needs of individual clients and are strictly confidential.