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Customized, Structured 8-Session Action Plan to Support Healing

Dr. Ben Allen can provide numerous strategies to offer support regarding stress-related symptoms, as well as medical conditions, mental and behavioral challenges. He can serve to support your team of health care professionals, and offer his blend of health and wellness strategies. Many clients come for 1-3 sessions to learn biofeedback and stress reduction life skills. Optimal eight-session programs can be structured to provide 8+ strategies of a client’s choosing (see list of services), along with education and a chance to learn and practice skills that may benefit in some way in the healing process. Even with chronic medical and pain conditions, while he does not treat the physical condition, he works along side of numerous physicians and health care providers to help a client support the goals toward helping to enhance quality of life and reduce pain and stress.

Dr. Allen also helps clients to set-up wellness and personal development plans, and structure goals to be proactive and goal-oriented.