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Corporate Programs and Sales Training

Dr. Ben Allen offers high level executive training as well as group and individual training programs for employees.

Consultation and Needs Assessment: Dr. Allen will provide a free phone consultation to assess your current organizational and team challenges, and design an effective training program based on your specifications and needs.

Sample Workshop: Stress Management for Health and Success for the Long Haul Workshop Outline

Didactic Training

  • Orientation and rapport building for mobilizing team effectiveness in this workshop
  • Education: The mind-body connection, human biomechanics and physiology in the stress response
  • Unique stress factors and challenges at work, and practical strategies for renewal and empowerment
  • Biofeedback training – self-awareness of subtle stress signs and self-feedback for calming the system
  • An overview of high impact coping skills for immediate stress reduction and long term stress resilience
  • Mental fitness – overcoming self-limiting thinking and creating a mind for health and success
  • Mental intent training for sharpening your mental edge and physical stamina at work
  • Ergonomics – a protocol for enhanced safety, flexibility, physical health, and mental fitness in corporate work
  • Regrouping to handle the upcoming challenges – – achieving the zone of mental effectiveness

Experiential Training

  • Stress Tests, Biofeedback, and symptom identification exercises
  • Breathing – Heart Rate Variability – – immediate lowers stress and increases mental & physical vitality
  • Meditation training for daily mental refreshing, quiet mind, and a healthy central nervous system
  • Hand / Feet Warming training to lower the overall stress response and create a state of balance at work
  • Relaxed muscle strategies, and ergonomic stretching for supporting a poised, relaxed and flexible body
  • Mental strategies for increasing mental fitness and vitality, and enhancing resilience to stress
  • Purpose and values exercises for creating a sense of mission – – fuel for the long haul


  • 3-hour Team Training Program: Brief but effective for learning the basics about stress and stress management. Includes 50 % didactic and 50% experiential training, brief workbook, and stress management CD.
  • Full-Day Team Training Program: Extensive and practical stress management training to empower and achieve positive results for the health and long haul of the team. Hands-on learning experiences to assimilate new skills and a health-empowering training protocol to last a lifetime. Includes extensive training package, computer biofeedback demonstrations, and group interaction and exercises targeted to the alignment and cohesiveness of the team.
  • Small Group 8-week Team Training Program: Breakfast Club team training — 1 hour session / week for 8 weeks. Each session includes a special topic from the stress management full-day training program. The session will include 20 minutes of learning “A key health and success training concept for the day,” and 30 minutes of experiential training (i.e., meditation, deep breathing, alpha-theta, mental fitness, ergonomics, etc.). A special homework assignment will be provided each week for learning by experience. Q & A always available each week in the session. The benefit of the 8-week program is that learning is highly effective when extended in this way, and motivation peaks when beginning the day energized with inspiration and a stress-releasing / mind enhancing
  • Executive Coaching – Individual Biofeedback and Resilience Training: Enjoy a personalized consult and biofeedback training and health empowering program tailored to your specific needs. Target what you as a unique individual need to know to lower your stress and be more effective at work and in your personal life. Heart health biofeedback programs can show you how to enhance your heart hardiness.
  • Stress Testing and Anxiety Screenings: Programs offered to employees designed to screen for specific stress factors and potential health issues. Screenings include self-awareness of unique stress symptoms and behaviors, a stress management protocol, a brief biofeedback experience, recommendations and strategies for health improvement, and health objectives for the New Year.
Consultation services: Dr. Allen offers management consultation on issues pertaining to his psychology, motivation, and wellness expertise.

All evaluations are strictly confidential.