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Cognitive, Neuropsychology, Executive Functioning, and Academic Support

Dr. Ben Allen has trained in the cognitive science of “Learning How To Learn.” He has acquired a range of skills and teachings to offer students and professionals to enhance cognitive skills in academics and professional life. He has studied and trained in neuropsychology, and had worked in neuropsychological rehabilitation facilities throughout his training. He continues to help individuals enhance their cognitive awareness and thinking skills. He offers an array of academic skills that support the Executive Plan! He helps students who are motivated to acquire real life cognitive skills, and commit to a structured plan for greater academic success.
Dr. Allen offers screening inventories to explore any cognitive and behavioral challenges regarding executive functioning, paying attention, enduring an academic time period from start to completion with spirit and discipline, cognitive issues affecting work in a job, among any other mental and cognitive challenges that impede academic and / or professional success.

Take the opportunity to tune up thinking skills – – create the mental gymnasium to build up the conscious brain, and to reinforce a subconscious character of good mental and cognitive habits. Similar to a gym for training optimal physical fitness, training cognition in the gym of the mind is like building and optimizing thinking through tasks, and being flexible to transfer this ability to cover different academic subjects and professional skills.