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Career Testing and Exploration/Career Development

One of the most fundamental decisions an individual can make in life may include, not only to seek an ideal career, but to move toward a life well thought out and intentionally chosen. Your life purpose and career possibilities, known or unknown, is within you to develop throughout life. Your roadmap to getting closer to your authentic self and ideal life can begin through the exploration of self-knowledge of your deepest values, your potential interests based on your uniquely chosen careers that you may desire, your personality and goodness of fit in a world of countless professional roles and environments, and a good soul-searching process of self-examination and self-awareness.

Dr. Ben Allen has an extensive career and self-development testing and evaluation process to methodically help you target those characteristics described above. He facilitates a method to help you enhance a more objective and subjective reasoning approach into your professional development for greater professional clarity. In addition to helping seasoned professionals work toward a successful career change, he helps high school and college students to better understand themselves in terms of searching for a desired career path and / or college major, gain career resources and needed professional skills, and to prepare for job-seeking and interviewing. Please see the career development program for further understanding of career development services.