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Additional Focused Programs for Children and Teenagers

Psychotherapy – Stress Management – Wellness

  • Global Assessment: Get to the bottom line about factors influencing sadness, anxiety, and stress, and life challenges. Determine practical healing strategies and problem-solving objectives.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Therapy targeting issues and coaching healing strategies that are problem-focused, goal-oriented, and empowering, to diminish stress-prone thinking.
  • Talk Therapy: It helps to talk with a therapist and work through life issues toward their resolve.
  • Biofeedback – Stress Management: Computer based stress-reduction and stress-resiliency training.
Children can learn practical skills for reducing anxiety in daily life. Specialized coaching and direct experience helps children increase self-awareness, confidence, and calmness in managing stress. This helps for reducing anxiety, muscle tension, and headaches, among other stress-influenced symptoms.
Family Therapy
  • Family Counseling: Strategies to enhance family cooperation and harmony, and help optimize a child-parent relationship.
  • Parent as Coach Program: Learn practical stress management and wellness skills to teach family members, and to enhance wellness at home.
Teen – Career / Motivational Coaching
  • Academic and Career Testing: Evaluate potential college majors, coursework, vocational interests, career interests, inner values, and personality strengths
  • Professional Skills Coaching: Prepare for skills to work in jobs in the community, explore work and life skills, develop effective interviewing and professional skills, and enhance your inner sense of value and potential for college studies and career opportunities. Set effective personal and character goals, and learn how to enhance self-motivation.
Academic and Mental Skills Coaching
  • Cognitive Screening: Help your child discover mental strengths and challenges. Determine strategies for improving mental and academic skills, and for enhancing motivation for learning.
  • Academic Competence Coaching: Make learning fun and empowering. Improve memory and mental sharpness, attention and self-regulation, focusing skills, creativity, learning strategies, and study habits. Develop strong mental thinking and problem-solving tendencies, absorb information from textbook readings and class lectures, and prepare for and perform more successfully on exams. Special strategies for children with disorders of attention and executive functioning.
  • Test Anxiety-Stress Management: Learn how to reduce exam anxiety and optimize test performance.
Dr. Ben Allen is a clinical-health psychologist, and motivational coach for children and adults. He helps children and adolescents to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase self-esteem and academic and professional skills competency. Throughout his career, he has helped numerous children and adults, including mentally and physically challenged individuals, to acquire valuable skills and enhance their feelings of pride and success.