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Academic/Mental Fitness and Study Skills

Dr. Ben Allen offers a program for shaping intelligence and enhancing academic and professional skills. Please review the checklist and note any skills or goals that are of great importance for you.

Learning how to learn and shape intelligence

(Program for becoming a more effective student)

Checklist (please select objectives of your choice)

Some skills and objectives:

  1. Want to make school fun and exhilarating – – and transform yourself into a more happy and effective student? Want to become a more confident student, a more confident academic?
  2. Enhance your memory for names, facts, concepts, metaphors, songs, and textbook information
  3. Learn how to manage your energy, regroup, control impulses, and diminish attention problems and uptightness
  4. Learn what it takes to do well in school and achieve the skills. Learn how to be off to a good start each semester
  5. Information overload and a constant racing mind? Techniques for mental harmony while managing lots of information
  6. Learn how to be more confident and effective in speaking in front of groups
  7. Metacognition – – learn how to apply integrative thinking, and how integrate abstract concepts more effectively
  8. Learn how to work successfully with your imagination and creativity
  9. Learn how to utilize the skills you already have to master more difficult tasks
  10. Learn how to read and absorb a textbook more quickly and effectively – the first time
  11. Why stress out over school? Learn poise and balance, time management, and flexible thinking for a smoother day
  12. Learn about how to enhance the power and health of your brain and body
  13. Learn how to master class content and material – the secret to getting “A’s”
  14. Diminish test and performance anxiety – – become your own stress management expert
  15. Create efficient study habits, test preparation, project management, and learning strategies
  16. What is your hidden power? Tap into your and utilize your core strengths and most authentic desires
  17. Setting up new skills, or returning to school? – – Learn how to get into the mental spirit and take action!
  18. Found your career path? Want to learn how to create expertise – – a realistic 2-5 year plan of a action
  19. Diminish weak study habits – – learn how to overcome procrastination, old blocks and resistances toward learning
  20. Learn self-hypnosis for enhancing academic success and global self-improvement
  21. Enhance mental energy, attention and concentration at work and in school
  22. Increase your enthusiasm and self-confidence in school and decrease your fear of academic competition
  23. Explore your mental strengths, as well as skills in need of improvement through cognitive testing
  24. Learn how to maximize mental fitness and strategies for the big exams (i.e., SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCATs, etc.)
  25. Learn ways to improve vocabulary and grammar, and enhance writing skills for better quality papers and correspondence
  26. Learn how to improve taking notes and learning in class lectures
  27. Learn good research skills, and learn effective ways to interview and receive support from mentors and contacts
  28. Learn how to work well with others, and form powerful group alliances for group projects
  29. Learn how to prepare mentally and physically for important events – – be in the “Zone” of mental fitness
  30. Learn key strategies for studying and succeeding on multiple choice, essay, and true false exams
  31. Learn how to pace, work under timed pressure, and stay focused
  32. Learn how to set strong academic goals, and manage your entire workload effectively for the semester
  33. Learn how to think analytically, critically, and to problem solve and reason through practical tasks
  34. Learn how to self-motivate, take charge, and enhance assertiveness in your work style
  35. Strategies for enduring and learning through your most difficult classes. Learn how to learn any subject well
  36. Learn how to set up a major study program, an efficient workspace, and a mind fit for learning
  37. Learn how to combine fitness with learning, preparing for tests, and absorbing class notes
  38. Learn how to stay healthy and balanced throughout the school year
  39. Learn to enhance emotional intelligence – – a key element for life success
  40. Create a life plan of action (1-5 year)
  41. Please list other desired skills not included in list (also: please list what you want to achieve _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Other services:

  1. Get career tested and receive life coaching
  2. Choose your ideal college major and create your dream life
  3. Learn valuable professional development and life skills for succeeding in today’s professional world

Enhancing Mental Fitness /Academic / Professional Success

Scientists indicate that we only utilize 10-15% of our brain capacity. However, many have exceeded this amount – and you also have untapped mental potential!

Are You Experiencing:

  • Difficulty remembering names, facts, concepts, or textbook information?
  • Test anxiety or difficulty performing well on academic or entrance exams?
  • Inefficient study habits, test preparation, and learning strategies?
  • Sluggish mental energy and reduced concentration at work or in school?
  • Having to read the same text material many times to absorb it?
  • Diminished enthusiasm in school or fear of academic competition?
  • Performing in school or getting into your chosen school is becoming more difficult and competitive?
  • A desire to be more effective and successful in school or with learning in general?

Don’t be discouraged!

Learning occurs through motivation, attention, insight and practice. There are many ways to learn. The challenge is to learn how your mind works and make it work optimally. Learn the mechanics of mental fitness, learn how to learn more effectively, and increase your mental aptitude. Learn how to think, to use the gym of the mind to enhance well-rounded intelligence.

Personal Mental Fitness & Academic Success Programs tailored for:

  • Adults and Seniors (including those returning to school)
  • High School, College, and Graduate Students (Medical, Law, Psychology, MBA, etc.)
  • Underachievers, Adult Attention Deficit, and Individuals w/ Special Needs
  • College & Graduate School Entrance Examinees (SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, )
  • Business, Sales and Marketing, and IT Professionals
  • Individuals wanting better memory, focusing ability, and a keener mind

Scientific Training Program (services offered)

Not tutoring, but a scientific approach to unleash your academic potential and mental fitness.

Cognitive / Psychological Assessment:

  • Explore your current mental strengths and weaknesses, memory aptitude, learning style, focusing ability, and mental flexibility, and tap into your hidden power
  • Target mental skills you want to improve and create direct strategies and objectives for improvement
  • Psychological tests to discover self-limiting blocks interfering with your academic potential

Mental Skills Training Program

  • Explore human brain / body science and how to enhance learning potential and mental aptitude
  • Acquire easy and direct strategies to improve learning skills and absorb information more efficiently
  • Practice powerful memory training techniques for names, facts, concepts, textbook material, and data
  • Write better papers, take better notes, enhance creativity and intuition, and improve vocabulary
  • Learn how to study effectively for major tests, retain information in memory, and make studying fun
  • Acquire skills to improve performance on academic and entrance exams, and achievement tests
  • Learn how to focus your attention and stay alert on any task without caffeine

Mental Fitness Training Program (The workout and endurance-builder of the mind)

  • Strategies to retrain the brain and recharge energy / enthusiasm for learning
  • Key steps for enhancing mental preparation before an exam or a major mental task
  • Techniques for cultivating an organized and optimal mental state to retain lots of information
  • Individually tailored strategies to help you feel more effective, motivated and confident in school

Learn how to set goals for learning and succeeding that are fun and motivating. End procrastination!

  • Goal achievement: develop clear objectives for your academic and professional success
  • Key strategies for re-entering the academic world – – cultivate a renewed mind and school readiness

Stress Management and Personal Effectiveness Training

  • Biofeedback: measure your unique stress response in real-time and learn how to reduce stress
  • Learn how to self-regulate, reduce academic fear, and diminish test and performance anxiety
  • Develop skills to feel calm in stressful situations, and enhance your natural poise
  • Learn to improve stage performance and your ability to present in front of crowds
  • Lifestyle counseling for optimal health, vitality, and mental wellness throughout the school year

Mental Fitness Training Program (The workout and endurance-builder of the mind)

Dr. Ben Allen is a clinical – health psychologist, career counselor, and academic fitness coach. He helps clients to cultivate greater mental fitness and academic and career success. He applies the science of cognition – the systematic discipline of learning, mental flexibility and creativity, and enhancement of memory. Dr. Allen applies his model of cognition to the spectrum of challenges of adapting in today’s world and offers programs for individuals of all ages and professional or academic situations. His programs may also benefit individuals with disabilities or special needs that are coachable. In addition, Dr. Allen provides training workshops for schools, community centers, and businesses; and professional coaching for executives, sales and marketing professionals, and individuals who desire to be more effective and successful.