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A 12-Step Headache Disorders Wellness Approach

Biofeedback and Wellness Skills for Treating Chronic Headaches

(Using biofeedback and applied behavioral techniques)

Step 1: Headache and wellness evaluation and health treatment plan

Step 2: Headache education, anatomy pictures of muscles and structures

Step 3: Begin self-awareness and biofeedback training for headache management

Step 4: Breathe your way into whole body relaxation, and learn good breathing skills

Step 5: Learn to relax muscles head to toe – especially head-face-neck-shoulders-back

Step 6: Learn how to calm the circulatory system and support warmer hands and feet

Step 7: Learn how to quiet your mind – meditation and mindfulness training

Step 8: Learn how to optimize body posture, ergonomic health, and wellness at work

Step 9: Gain practical strategies to use biofeedback and headache management in daily life

Step 10: Create a wellness diet, and improve lifestyle factors that may reduce headaches

Step 11: Guided imagery strategies are helpful for relaxation and to restore peace of mind

Step 12: Heal your life – manage and lower stress, counseling and psychotherapy available

Headache wellness programs & options

  • 2 hour: Brief learning and training session for headache management skills
  • 5 Sessions: Biofeedback and headache management skills training
  • 10-12 Session: Elaborate learning and headache healing program training 1 module at a time