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Cardiovascular Health Support Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Dr. Ben Allen is a health psychologist who helps patients cope with psychological issues, and learn skills for lowering stress.  He offers biofeedback training, and
provides preventive education and lifestyle counseling.  Preventive health strategies support
risk-reduction of cardiovascular disease. Rehabilitation services can benefit patients who have
undergone heart surgery, and are in need of psychological support and stress recovery.

          Medical research supports that psychological factors and stress may contribute to cardiovascular disease


         Lifestyle also plays a significant role in the development of heart disease.   In addition, anyone challenged by health circumstances to alter diet and increase exercise after a lifetime of bad habits knows it is hard to change


         Research studies demonstrate that positive lifestyle changes and stress management may enhance cardiovascular health and support overall life improvement


In todayís fast-paced world, medicine and psychology blend together for a more complete picture of health.   A medical recovery or prevention program is better facilitated when a personís mind is at ease, and the body relaxed.   A cardiac patientís overall life needs healing.  Years of stress and hectic schedules, coupled with maladaptive habits take its toll on the bodyís capacity to handle stress.   Dr. Allen offers both preventive and rehabilitative heart health programs.  He supports a physicianís medical treatment, offering brief, structured, complimentary and highly beneficial strategies for helping patients to improve overall mental and physical wellness.


Health psychology programs may include:

         Biofeedback and stress management skills (ability to manage mental and physical stress responses)

         Learn how to safely manage anger, anxiety, and distressing emotions, and restore peace of mind 

         Deep relaxation, guided imagery, and proper breathing skills training to support wellness and / or recovery

         Heart rate variability biofeedback training to support heart health

         Clinical assessment to target emotional, behavioral, and lifestyle issues impeding health and vitality

         Diet support therapy

         Smoking, caffeine, and substance abuse cessation programs

         Individual and family counseling   

         Wellness education and motivational coaching to support transitioning to a healthier lifestyle


Cardio Pro Heart Health Biofeedback Training: Observe your heart rate variability - - the ability of your heart to recover from stress and respond healthfully to environmental challenges.  Learn breathing and mental strategies to relax circulation, restore inner balance and harmony, and enhance adaptability and healthy alignment of heart rate and respiration.  Train to counter stress hyperactivity and relax the bodyís stress systems following stress exposure.  


Additional conditions that may benefit from the program:


Programs may benefit: children and adults, cardiac patients, stressed out parents, overworked professionals, or anyone who wants to experience deep emotional healing and stress reduction, and support physical and mental

wellness.  Learn how to break the cycle of stress-related behavior, and feel motivated to improve health and



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