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Smoking Cessation Program

       Are you tired of feeling “Chained”?    

  Do you want to feel healthy and free?
Has your physician warned you that your health is clearly at risk due to smoking?
 Do you understand the enormous benefits of a     
Smoke - free life?
But – how do you quit such an addictive habit?

Direct and Effective Solutions for Quitting Smoking
Create the Freedom of a Healthier Life

 Quitting smoking can be difficult.  The key to effectively quitting any negative or harmful habit requires:
¨      Inner motivation to quit
¨      Something very gratifying to replace the bad habit
¨      The immediate and long-term power of the mind to prevent relapse
¨      Stress management to support personal power and handle the initial cravings due to withdrawal
¨      Diet support (if desired to prevent weight gain and support healthy lifestyle)
¨      A greater purpose to quit that makes quitting smoking easier

 Dr. Allen offers a smoking cessation program that addresses each of these issues to insure long-term success in quitting smoking, staying healthy, and maintaining a smoke-free lifestyle

 Treatment Strategies offered: Clinical hypnosis, self-hypnosis, biofeedback & stress management, diet support, wellness and motivational coaching, and counseling if requested.   Career testing and transitional counseling are also available.  All programs are tailored to the unique needs of individual clients and are strictly confidential.  For further information, call Dr. Ben Allen – Health Psychologist (847)205-9605.


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