Ben Allen, Psy.D., MBA         Mind for Health Resources, Ltd.

Psychological & Coaching Services

(Children and Teenagers)


Is your child or teenager experiencing any of these challenges?


       Academic underachievement, not living up to potential, or school anxiety

       Overwhelming fear, chronic anxiety, self-doubt or depression

       Difficulty handling stress and coping with daily adversities

       Low self-esteem, difficulty making friends, or social anxiety

       Undisciplined, maladaptive habits, or showing diminished competence in daily activities

       Stress-related symptoms (headaches, insomnia, TMJ, constipation, tense muscles, panic, etc.)

       Disability: physical, developmental, or mental, with resultant low self-esteem

       Coping with and managing a chronic illness, or preparing for surgery


Are you as a parent experiencing any of the following challenges:


       Stress and stress-related symptoms (headaches, insomnia, tense muscles, anxiety, etc.)

       Family disharmony or overwhelming sibling discord

       Overwhelmed by taxing schedules and family demands

       Stressed out in your job or feeling uncertain about your career goals

       In need of some excellent strategies for motivating your child to cooperate and empowering healthy self-esteem

Dr. Allen specializes in helping children and teens:

       Manage and become more resilient to stress, and diminish anxiety and depression

       Recognize strengths, enrich minds, and increase success and confidence

       Build academic competence in school and social poise among peers

       Enhance self-esteem and self-worth, and develop natural talents

       Reduce the need for maladaptive habits and / or self-destructive behavior

       Gain purpose and encouragement, and prepare successfully for the life challenges ahead


Dr. Allen specializes in helping Parents:

       Manage anxiety and reduce the stress of parenting

       Motivate and empower a child to enhance his or her self-esteem and potential

       Create structure and enhance cooperation in the home

       Build a life plan for increased happiness and success and / or to develop career goals




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