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Corporate Programs and Options

Consultation and Needs Assessment:
Dr. Allen will provide a free phone consultation to assess your current organizational and team challenges, and design an effective training program based on your specifications and needs. 
I propose the following workshop for the facilities
Stress Management for the Health and Success of the Long Haul - - Workshop Outline

Didactic Training

         Orientation and rapport building for mobilizing team effectiveness in this workshop

         Education: The mind-body connection, human biomechanics and physiology in the stress response

         Unique stress factors and challenges at work, and practical strategies for renewal and empowerment

         Biofeedback training - self-awareness of subtle stress signs and self-feedback for calming the system

         An overview of high impact coping skills for immediate stress reduction and long term stress resilience

         Mental fitness  - overcoming self-limiting thinking and creating a mind for health and success

         Mental intent training for sharpening your mental edge and physical stamina at work

         Ergonomics a protocol for enhanced safety, flexibility, physical health, and mental fitness in corporate work

         Regrouping to handle the upcoming challenges - - achieving the zone of mental effectiveness w/ Spring season 

Experiential training

         Stress tests, biofeedback, and symptom identification exercises 

         Breathing - heart rate variability - - immediate lowers stress and increases mental & physical vitality

         Alpha-Theta training for daily mental refreshing, quiet mind, and a healthy central nervous system

         Hand warming training to lower the overall stress response and create a state of balance at work

         Relaxed muscle strategies, and ergonomic stretching for supporting a poised, relaxed and flexible body

         Mental strategies for increasing mental fitness and vitality, and enhancing resilience to stress

         Purpose and values exercises for creating a sense of mission - - fuel for the long haul 

Full day and ongoing workshops include extensive training package:

         Power Point Didactic Presentation (manual and workbook)

         Direct experiential training to assimilate immediate skills and results

         Cassette tape with 2 stress reduction exercises - 1 on each side

         Stress tests, goal planning handout & exercise

         Biodots - - tool for simple hand warming biofeedback on the job

         Special psychological and career-corporate testing (available at extra costs - - if requested)


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