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Want to improve Your ACT Test Performance?

A unique training approach to achieve your best overall test performance

Scientists indicate that we only utilize only 10-15% of our brain capacity

Learn how to master taking achievement tests & increase your mental capacity


(The ACT test is a game, as are other achievement tests.  You can train yourself to be a better test taker!)  



Excellent ACT test performance requires:


¨      Knowing key strategies for success on multiple choice tests  (thinking like the ACT test-makers)

¨      Preparing mentally and physically for the ACT test – achieving “The Zone” of mental fitness

¨      Energy management - - lower anxiety at will prior to and during the test

¨      Positive mental attitude, self-confidence and faith in your mental abilities 

¨      Pacing skills, and a continuous ability to regroup, refresh your mind, and direct your focus

¨      Performing under timed pressure w/ poise, clarity, attention, and keen organizational skills

¨      Memory retrieval skills and good reading comprehension under timed pressure

Dr. Allen’s ACT / SAT success program offers training to enhance all of the above skills and much more:


Additional academic strategies for self-mastery of school and professional goals:

·        Learn how to learn concepts and information more efficiently and effectively

·        Enhance your memory for names, facts, concepts, textbook material, and mass quantities of data

·        Write better papers, take better notes, enhance creativity and intuition, and improve vocabulary

·        Learn how to study effectively for major tests, retain information in memory, and make studying fun

·         Acquire skills to improve performance on academic and entrance exams, and achievement tests

·        Learn how to set goals for learning and succeeding that are fun and motivating.  End procrastination!


Additional career topics and services offered:

¨      Career testing to help you begin a path of career discovery

¨      An overview of how to be successful in today’s academic and professional environments

¨      Create a plan of action for a most desirable college major and academic / career path


Dr. Ben Allen is a clinical - health psychologist, career counselor, and academic success coach. Through 20 years of training and experience, Dr. Allen has acquired key principles and strategies for helping teenagers and young adults achieve success and find their desired purpose in today’s academic and professional environments.  He also helps individuals learn how to lower stress and enhance confidence


Programs & Options:

¨      Individual Coaching: Academic and Career Coaching; Biofeedback and Stress Resilience Training  

¨      Group training programs: at Dr. Allen’s Northbrook training center (lowered group rates offered)

¨      3-hour workshops: offered on-site at schools and other outside facilities




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