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Are you getting enough restorative sleep?

¨    Tired of lack of sleep or too much sleep? Feeling tired, yet wired all the time? ¨    Do you feel completely exhausted at night, though mentally active?
¨    Is lack of quality sleep negatively affecting your health, work, and social life?
¨    Do you also suffer from chronic bodily symptoms related to stress or exhaustion?
¨   Do you feel that sleep problems are robbing you of your natural zest and vitality?

  There are natural ways to recreate healthy sleep, mental balance, and to restore energy to your body-mind

 Sleep Health Behavioral Program: A wellness system for relearning and restoring healthy sleep and mental tranquility.  Dr. Allen can help you explore physical, behavioral, mental and spiritual issues that may be preventing you from achieving a rewarding night’s sleep.  Dr. Allen provides specific treatment strategies targeted to help you relearn and restore your natural sleep wellness, and your ability to relax and renew yourself daily.

¨       Learn strategies to lull your mind into sleep, to fall asleep again if awakened, and to stay asleep
¨       Learn how to “court” natural sleep rhythms back into place, and re-establish consistency in sleep
¨       Learn the art of stress management, and build the foundation of good sleep
¨       Observe your own biofeedback and let it reveal to you your unique stress response and reactivity
¨       Let your own biofeedback information coach you on how to let go and heal
¨       Experience brainwave biofeedback that can help coach you to entrain the lower frequency sleep brainwaves
¨       Dr. Allen offer’s a comprehensive cognitive-behavioral approach to restore healthy sleep and sleep habits       

 Health psychology programs may include:

¨       Biofeedback, neurofeedback, and stress management
¨       Hypnosis for exploration, deep healing, and relaxation training
¨       Sleep log – charting sleep behaviors and symptoms daily for exploration
¨       Specific strategies for sleep restoration training
¨       Ergonomics and wellness coaching for a healthier nervous system
¨       Counseling to support any life challenges surrounding the sleep problem
¨       Career and success coaching for supporting positive life changes
Do you want to wake up feeling like this?
¨       If the problem indicates medical issues, clients should also work with their
       physician for medical exam, medical care, and if necessary, a 
       referral for sleep study

¨       If the problem indicates medical issues, clients should also work with their physician for medical exam, medical care, and if necessary, a referral for sleep study. 

Programs may benefit: children and adults, seniors, stressed out parents, overworked professionals, or anyone who wants to experience deep healing and stress reduction, and restorative sleep. 

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