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What do you really want to accomplish for yourself in 2005?



Make this New Year’s Resolutions a Success!!

 (Adults, Students, Professionals)


Are you currently….



Rise above limitations and accomplish your desired New Years Resolutions!


Give yourself the gift of brief coaching, tailored to your desired goals and objectives for the New Year (2004)  

Dr. Allen offers unique health and success strategies that may enhance any of the following:


·         Restore your optimal health: Biofeedback, heart health, and stress reduction training.  Learn lifelong skills for improving health, reducing stress and letting go of old stress symptoms, enhancing mental vitality and balance, and feeling optimal.


·         Career Direction and Action Plan: Career assessment & The Ultimate Goal Program © - Create a vision of your desired future & a plan of action.  Increase your discipline & motivation toward your objectives


·         Increase your Mental and Academic Success:  Enhance memory, learning, and organizational skills.  Learn how to diminish test anxiety and enhance test performance.  Learn how to learn more efficiently, and make learning enjoyable.


·         Bad Habit Cessation: Do you wish to lose weight, quit smoking, end procrastination, let go of a bad habit, or enhance your health and fitness? What unique goals do you want to accomplish within yourself? 


Dr. Ben Allen is a health psychologist and success coach.  He provides unique self-mastery programs, and has specialized training to help clients obtaining their goals.   


The resolutions program may be brief (3-5 sessions) or longer depending on a client’s desired objectives, though it is intensive, and works well for students and adults home during the holiday break.  Let Dr. Allen’s 20 years of training in self-empowerment help you make your 2004 New Year’s resolutions a success.  For more information, call (847) 205-9605.   



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