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Take Control of Your headaches


          A Behavioral and Wellness Approach for Treating Chronic Headaches


 (A 10-Step Wellness Approach)


Step 1: Evaluation and Wellness Treatment Plan


Step 2: Self-Awareness and Biofeedback / Stress Management Training


Step 3: Breathe your way into healing


Step 4: Learn to relax your muscles


Step 5: Learn how to warm your hands and feet


Step 6: Learn how to quiet your mind


Step 6: Heal your life


Step 7: Take charge of your ergonomic health


Step 8: Practice biofeedback and stress management skills in real life


Step 9: Diet and lifestyle changes


Step 10: Hypnotic strategies can be helpful


Dr. Ben Allen is a health psychologist who specializes in natural health protocols for wellness and healing


Headache wellness programs & options

q       Brief: - 2 hr stress management / biofeedback training session

q       5 session biofeedback and stress management training

q       10-15 session deep healing programs

q       Career testing and coaching

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