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Is your world stressful? 

Are you ......


Feeling tired, anxious, and stressed out?


Experiencing headaches, tense muscles, digestive disorders,

or other discomforting symptoms that tend to occur during periods of stress?


Experiencing difficulty sleeping?


Stressed out in your job, school, relationships?


Feeling depressed, low in energy and pleasure, unmotivated, or overburdened?


Experiencing test or performance anxiety, or difficulty concentrating?


Feeling fearful of succeeding in your goals? Feeling intimidated, self-doubting, or insecure?


Clinging to self-destructive habits or behaviors you wish to overcome?


In a stress response cycle most of the time? Is it difficult to rest, relax, & revitalize?


Experiencing general fears that lead you to avoid certain objects, places, or situations?


Suffering from brief, intense episodes of panic and anxiety?    


Desiring to improve your state of mental health and well-being, quit smoking or lose weight?


If so, you are not alone. Stress and anxiety, depression, health problems, self-sabotage, and addictive behaviors occur among millions of individuals, many who donít talk about it or seek help.


Bottom Line: How we think (perceptions and beliefs) and use our bodies (daily physical habits, routines, and rituals) influence our state of health and sense of well-being. Frequent anxious and self-defeating habits of thought and emotions, and unhealthy physical habits can become conditioned, and may contribute to a variety of chronic, stress-related health problems and stress overload

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